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Welcome to WedWiz!

Wedding Dress to Wedding Songs...
We wanted to build a free wedding web guide that would make planning the wedding easy. What we noticed in publications and websites was a bad case of too-much-clutter.
How about a totally free wedding guide that outlines exactly what to look for, when to do what, what to buy, tips for the wedding dress,
wedding planning guide reception ceremony poem idea
shoes, what wedding song and what wedding vows to consider. Basically a step-by-step planning guide without a lot of opinions and rhetoric.
After all, isn't time the most valuable commodity?
With that in mind, we offer this guide: To give the future couples a concise checklist of what to do in the wedding planning process.
This way, you know right from the beginning what you're up against and how to proceed.
So dig in. This Wedding Guide is totally free! Please log in and we'll also immediately send you coupons for some great discounts on wedding supplies we've found.

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